Deposit Safes

We currently offer more than 20 models of deposit safes online. People searching for deposit safes have expressed more interest in quick and simple solutions like the ones featured on this page. If you are looking for more advanced locking options or bigger models, please click here.

Most Popular

The most popular deposit safe is the SD-ME-2014 drop safe.
deposit safe

Undercounter Deposit Safes

An undercounter deposit safe with key lock is the cheapest solution.

No-Boltwork Deposit Safe

The profit maximizer is a deposit safe that is smaller than the 2014 above: there is no room for boltwork in the door!

More than just deposit safes

Some of the most frequent customers for deposit safes are coffe shops, pizza parlors, and art studios. One thing to consider, if you are looking for a safe for a retail business, is that a double door drop safe will provide room for deposits and a separate door for the manager.

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