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Drop Safes Depository Safe 1 with Safegard Time Delay Lock

Product Code: SD-01-6
Direct Safes Price: $559.00
Availability: 50 Units in stock

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Price: $559.00



Interior Dimensions

1.2 cu. ft.

Exterior Dimensions

112 lbs.


The Depository Safe 1 with Safegard Time Delay Lock is a favorite drop safe used by businesses with a high risk of hold ups such as convenience stores. The Safegard Electronic lock is an upgrade from the LG Basic II electronic lock because it also supports:

Time Delay. With this option enabled, when you first enter the code the lock enters a waiting mode which lasts the amount of time specified when the lock was programmed. The safe does not open, to open the safe, when the delay period has elapsed, you have to enter the code again, during the open period which is explained next. The time delay can be set from 1 to 99 minutes.

Open Period. If Time delay is enabled, this option has to be programmed. The open period is the amount of time you are given an opportunity to enter the code a second time to actually open the safe after the time delay period described above has elapsed. If you fail to enter the code again during the open period the safe remains closed and you have to start over again. The open period can be set from 1 to 19 minutes.

Time Delay Override. This function requires that time delay is enabled. If it is enabled, the second code opens the lock right away. If time delay override is enabled, dual custody cannot be enabled: the two features are mutually exclusive.

Dual Custody. This feature can be enabled only if time delay override is NOT enabled. When this feature is enabled, both the first and the second code have to be entered before the lock opens. You can enable both time delay and dual custody.

When you place an order for the safegard electronic lock, please make sure to e-mail us how you want us to program these settings as they have to be set using a programming device at the warehouse.

The safegard time delay lock supports the following standard features:
-- Wrong try penalty. Four consecutive invalid codes initiates five minute delay period.
-- Low battery warning. Repeated audio and visual signal (LED flashing and repeated beeping) during opening indicates battery low.
-- Audio and visual signal. Double signal (LED flashes and unit beeps) indicates entry is valid or accepted. Triple signal indicates invalid or not accepted.

Please note: even if you do not see the safegard time delay electronic lock as an option listed with the product you are interested in, we can install it on almost every safe. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Click here view a picture of the sd-01 drop safe (the photo shows the safe with a mechanical lock).
Click here to view more information on the safegard electronic lock (as you go to the Kaba-mas/LaGard web site, please look at any other LaGard products in case a different one were to better suit your needs).

If you are looking for a time lock safe, any safe that can be equipped with a standard electronic lock will be compatible. The key is to select an electronic lock with a time lock feature, which is different from time delay lock: A time lock lets you specify the schedule when the safe will open, thus offering a much greater level of control.

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