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Jewelers safes Used Jewelry Safes (TL-15 rated and above)

We usually sell a used TL-30 safe for about 80%-90% the cost of a an equivalent new safe. Of course that varies due to the condition and age of the safe, but the bottom line is that a used safe is a great way to save some money and put that money in... more JEWELRY TO SELL!

Used safes that are sold as-is do not carry a warranty. Used safes that are refurbished carry a 1-year warranty.

Used safes available now

At present, there are no used rated safes in stock. Used safes are going to be a much better deal if you are in California, Arizona, or Nevada as the manufacturers based in Southern California can deliver and install.

Used TL-30 Safes Used TL-30 Safes

Used TL-30 safes come and go quickly because they are usually one-of-a-kind and they are heavily sought-after.
Product Code: US-TL-30-MU-LC603421

Price: $3,399.00
Special offers:  
Availability: 1
(Leaves warehouse in 2-5 business days)
Cubic Feet: 39.9 cu. ft.
Weight: 4,500 lbs.
Interior (H/W/D): 71" H
36" W
27" D
Exterior (H/W/D): 77" H
42 1/2" W
36" D
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Used safes that came and went

The Meilink TL 30x6 and the Bernardini TL 30 both sold at the end of december.

The International Fortress 723626that came in on 12/3/2009 sold on 12/9/2009.

Arrived on 11/24/2009 and gone on 12/4/2009! A JX-6834: a very large TL-30 safe that will fit through a regular 36" door. used TL-30 safe

In July 2008 we got a great amsec TL-15 5524 that sold right away. We did not even have time to take a picture.

On 1/4/2008 we sold 2 used JV-6034 and 1 used JV-4524. They larger safes were relatively new (between 2000 and 2004). The JV-4524 looke a bit older (1998 ~ 2002) and it is green. The 6034's sold for $3,150 after an auction and the 4524 for $2,600 but we left money on the table. These safes all sold before we even got them in stock. We repainted the JV-4524 and it looked great! (Paint job cost $350).

On 11/13/2007 we got an old National 7129 TL-30. This safe sold on 11/29/2007. It took a while but it found a good home.
I don't know exactly how old, but it looks more than 15-years old. The safe works fine, but it definitely does not look new. We only asked $2,700 for it.
Used National TL-30
Interior: 71"H x 29"W x 21"D
Exterior: 78"H x 37"W x 32.5"D

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On 11/8/2007 we got a 1996 TL-30 Amsec 5524 with custom interior. We will remove the interior for free and put 4 full width shelves and repaint the interior if you ask us to do so. The interior has a top compartment with a drop slot for sliding cash and a bottom interior safe with an electronic lock. The safe was used by a corporate account who needed to upgrade for insurance purposes. There is nothing wrong with the safe.

This safe sold on 11/12/2007.

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We offered the safe for $2,500 plus delivery and installation. A new Amsec TL-30 CF-5524 normally goes for around $4,000. We ran a special on this one: If you were in California, Arizona, or Las Vegas, and took delivery before Thanksgiving, we would have it delivered and installed (no steps) for $200.

Are used safes not for you? Or is this not the right size? Check out my deals on jeweler's safes.

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